Arts, Crafts and Decor on the Midlands Meander in KwaZulu-Natal

Arts, Crafts and Decor on the Midlands Meander in KwaZulu-Natal

Arts,crafts and decor on the Meander include antiques, ceramics, pottery, paper, beadwork, leatherwork, tapestries, wrought iron, clothing, herbs and wind chimes.

Creating unique treasures, the Midlands Meander was founded on a legacy of a few dedicated and talented people, who envisaged a route that linked the studios and workshops of varied local artists and crafters in the area. Today this legacy not only attracts thousands of visitors to the Midlands Meander each year, but also acts as a magnet, drawing some of the most creative and talented people to settle in the area. From pottery to candle-making, leatherwork to weaving, stained glass to beadwork, painting to ceramics, to wood carvings, the diversity and range of work and talent gathered within a relatively small area is staggering.

The magic of the Midlands Meander seems to act as a source of inspiration and creativity for many, even for some who have discovered their artistic roots late in life, but who are now revelling in the creative freedom and expression that our lifestyle brings. Take the opportunity to join them and discover your own inner muse. Join an artistic workshop or try your hand when invited, or take home the echo of their talents and experiment when you return home.

The Midlands Meander offers a special insight into the workings and inspiration behind the finished creation. Visitors might have the chance to see the artist at work, or chat face-to-face about the motivation and ideas behind a picture, photograph or carving. Whether a serious collector, an investor, or someone who wants to buy something beautiful because it touches a special inner part of you, there is something here for everyone. One thing is certain – you will be left with an enduring admiration for those who can delve into their imaginations to create something tangible and beautiful, whether for their own satisfaction or the delight of others.





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