Firkin Hophouse Micro Brewery & Pub

Firkin Hophouse Micro Brewery & Pub


Currently, Louis brews four types of beer monthly, in copper boilers. Between 3 500-4 000 litres are brewed per week producing up to 16 000 litres per month. Eeach brew is named after the quirky characters on the labels. These names also provide an indication of the pleasantly different tastes of each of these brews.

Oscar's Hophouse Larger is mild in taste. Pale Ale is a lighter beer with a malty taste and is one third more bitter than the larger.Bishop's Bitter - the name says it all. And for special occasions, St Patrick's Porter is a dark beer just like Guinness, but not as ponderous.

The alcohol level of Firkin’s Beer is between 3-5 % and it is tenable for between six to eight weeks. Some 30-40 % of the malt is bought from SAB (South African Breweries), with the balance obtained from England; whilst the hops come from George in the Western Cape. 

Due to the mild climate in the Zulu Kingdom climate, The Firkin Pub is open daily from 09h00 until late, all year around , and together with the beer garden, can comfortably accommodate up to 500 people comfortably. Even the inscriptions on the toilet doors: Brew Master and Brew Mistress lend themselves to the brew themeing.

On offer to visitors on the Brew Route is a +/- 15 min. tour and explanation of the brewing process plus snacks & beer tasting of all 4 brews (one glass per person).
Please call +27 (0) 31 265 0154 for prices.
Fax: 031 2650155

Three x 1lt gift boxes of home brewed Australian Beers can also be purcased from this brewery.