David Worrall Nature Guide

  033 502 9828Guided walks at our own Misty Hills Forest Trails. Experience the spirit of nature at this unique venue in the Karkloof. By appointment only. R40/adult. R20/child <12 years. For more information on guided nature trails on the Midlands Meander contact David. -Midlands Meander Home-  


Map Reference 217 A place of unexpected treasures - local artwork, homemade confectionery, clothing, loose beads, and the inspirational and exceptional art of UBUHLE artists. Awarded prestigious commissions and exhibitions by the Durban Playhouse, President's Office, Anglo Gold, Ashanti, the Johannesburg Art Gallery and others. Empowering the local community through exceptional beadwork and art.   Open daily 9am-5pm. Address: Old Main Road Lidgetton Tel: &nbs...

Detailed overview of the history of the KwaZulu-Natal Indian Community

Subjects of the Realm All the epochal events that defined the vast Indian subcontinent were religious in nature, with one crucial exception - colonisation by the British Empire. For agents of the Crown sought only wealth, and 'cared not a fig about a man's beliefs, provided he can brew a proper cup of tea'. Ironically, it's thanks to this attitude that visitors to our Kingdom of the Zulu are able to learn from and enjoy this ancient culture in all its pure, unbridled glory. For, as in the mo...

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ProsperO 360 is a Digital Agency based in Faerie Glen, the Prospero 360 team worked and breathed tech since 1999 and has been through the explosion of digital and the content that drives it. We have always been at the forefront of innovation, user experience, user evolution and technology shifts, and are impassioned about the user-centric experiences we create. We are strategic, flexible, agile and committed to our clients’ success. Think of us as an extension of your team, using our experi...

Dr Arthur C Stark MB

Excerpt from “How we kept the flag flying” Donald McDonald Page 77/78   Just about dusk on the evening of the 18th the mysterious gun which no one heard, sent two shells hissing into town, both evidently aimed at the Royal Hotel. Dr Stark, a visitor from Torquay, England, was standing near the door talking to Mr Mc Hugh of the Daily Telegraph and they turned as the first shell struck the pavement on the opposite side of the street. Within a few seconds another c...

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