A Christmas Party in Ladysmith

ACCOUNT FROM R L WALLACE’S IMPERIAL LIGHT HORSE: UNPUBLISHED ACCOUNT OF A CHRISTMAS PARTY IN LADYSMITH   Major Karri-Davis gave an account of how the Ladysmith Siege Christmas Tree came about:   Colonel Dartnell and I were discussing how we could give the little ones of Ladysmith, most of whom had been living for the past two months in holes by the river bank, as happy a time as might be possible under the novel circumstances. Owing to the shelling which the to...

A Country Shot at Twin Pools B&B -

Map Reference 232 Spoil yourself. Come and share our piece of paradise. Tranquillity- superb views- log fires- stunning – sunsets – luxury B&B or self-catering, the perfect place to unwind, relax and find oneself – Fishing for guests – visit our exquisite little shop – open most days. Your hosts Heather and Gus Behn. Open: 10am-4:30pm Closed: Christmas Day Tel/Fax  (033) 234 4571

A detailed overview of the history of KwaZulu-Natal: From Stone Age to Hard Won Democracy

From Stone Age to Hard Won Democracy The 'discovery' by New Millennium scientists of a so-called 'dream drug for dieters' once again highlighted the contemporary importance of our Zulu Kingdom's fascinating history - these experts acknowledging that the 'magic potion' in question is derived from a rare succulent known to our indigenous inhabitants for thousands of years. Anthropologists, in turn, were quick to point out the value of continuing to unlock the secrets of antiquity, in particular o...

A History of Indian Settlement in KwaZulu-Natal

The Morewood Factor Most forward thinking of these frontiersmen was Edmond Morewood. Granted a farm on the outskirts of the Port Natal-Durban settlement in 1846, Morewood sailed to Mauritius and Reunion to seek answers to the above-mentioned problems. He returned armed with hardy new stocks of seed-cane and knowledge of indentured labour from India, only to discover that the newly fledged government had expropriated his farm. Subsequent negotiations saw Morewood allocated a new stretch of land ...

A Warm Welcome to KwaZulu-Natal

We would like to make your trip to our lovely province of KwaZulu-Natal one of your best holidays ever, so we hope to provide you with all the information and help needed to make it enjoyable, relaxing, entertaining and inspiring. In the Zulu language Kwa means “the place of” the Zulu people or the Zulu Kingdom, although it is often simply known by the locals as KZN. It is a special place and we are sure you will find much in the Zulu Kingdom of interest, loads of wonderful experienc...

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