Zululand Brewing Company, Eshowe

Zululand Brewing Company, Eshowe

Proceed along the coast in the direction of Hluhluwe and you will reach the small village of Eshowe amidst the rolling hills and breathtaking scenery of Zululand.




The Zululand Brewing Company is know as the smallest, family-owned brewery on the Zulu Kingdom Brew Route. Owner, Graham Chennels, acquired the plant from Rawdon’s, were the Nottingham Brewing Company first brewed their tasty beer. The plant is found in the garden of the Zululand Hotel directly next to the pool.

Graham has studied Zulu culture and is actively involved in numerous regional projects. According to him, traditional women form the backbone of Zulu culture and they are the ones who brew the traditional beer in the villages. It is therefore no wonder that Graham is looking for a young, African women to be the first brew master - er - mistress on the Brew Route and in his brewery.

Production was planned to start in the Zululand Brewing Company in July 2004 and quality beer has flowed forth since then. Five different beers have been perfected and they are produced in rotation not all being available at the same time.' Zulu Blonde' seems to be the local brew of choice.Beers are only available on tap.

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