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Durban Metro
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# 1
Peace Cottage
Tourism Officer
Tel : (031) 561 4257
Fax :(031) 561 6943
Description: In 1824, on these shores the Zulu army was first seen by the English settler Henry FrancisFynn.The 16000 soldiers were returning from a campaign in the south....
# 2
Phansi Museum
Max Mikula 41 Cedar Road,Glenwood,Durban,4001
Tel : (031) 206 2889
Fax :(031) 206 1590
Description: The Phansi Museum private collection of southern African tribal artefacts is beautifully displayed in Roberts house, a Victorian historical Monument.Our innovative displays include life-sixe puppets, a Shangaan Sangoma room, glass bead ceiling display, and many fine examples of...
# 3
Phoenix Settlement
Bongani Mthembu Phoenix/bambayi, Durban,4310
Tel : (031) 519 2555 / 08278767
Fax :()
Description: Gandhi founded a small ashram atPhoenix in 1904 and began printing the Indian opinion newspaper there. Only the ruins of the original buildings remain. The area is also known as Bambayi (Bombay)....
# 4
Playhouse Theatre
Theatre, Theatre (Various, Multi-cultural)
Playhouse Company 231 Smith Street, Durban, 4001
Tel : (031) 369 9540
Fax :(031) 306 2166
Description: One of Durban's historic landmarks, this building started out as a picture palace 1896 and was rebuilt in 1927 in Tudor revival style.There are five performing arts theatres including the opera, drama, cellar, loft and studio. The Playhouse Company's mission is to provide cultu...
# 5
Point Railway Station
AMAFA Point Road, Durban, 4001
Tel : (033) 394 6543
Fax :(033) 342 6097
Description: The station was built in 1892. It is a national monument built in three styles : classical , vernacularand Neo-Georgian ....
# 6
Point Road, No 76
Port Authority Ocean Terminal Building ,Quayside,Port of Durban, 4001
Tel : (031) 361 8821
Fax :(031) 361 8835
Description: A Victorian, single storied warehouse with Cape Dutch characteristics with pilasters and cornices.Significant too, for its association with an early shipping agency and for its role in a prominentwarehouse streets Cape group....
# 7
Point Road, Nos162/166
162/166 Point Road, Durban, 4001
Tel : ()
Fax :()
Description: An Edwardian corner building originally built as the point police station in an assymetrical, baroque revival style....
# 8
Point Road, Nos 68/72
68/72 Point Road, Durban, 4001
Tel : ()
Fax :()
Description: These are warehouse sheds of single storied type with pedimented gables.They are members of an important street cape in a vernacular style of the Union period. There are strong historical connections to the port....
# 9
Point Road, Nos 78/80
78/80 Point Road, Durban, 4001
Tel : ()
Fax :()
Description: There is a pair of Victorian gabled, two storiedfacades to the warehouse,with baroque revival characteristics.It was built for Chiazzari and Co.Interesting details are evident,such as key stoning and horizontal string courses....
# 10
Point Yacht Club
Maritime Place, Durban, 4001
Tel : (031) 301 4787
Fax :(031) 305 1234
Description: This is a yacht clubhouse of the Union period in the international style, with a waterfront siting and townscape role with respect to Victoria Embankment....
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