To House

5 October 2017 - 7 October 2017

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To House is set in a multi-cultural sectional titles development in a typical middle class Durban suburb. It is essentially about the clash of the conservative cultures which dominate the Durban socio-political landscape in post-Apartheid South Africa.

Jason and Sanjay have a tentative friendship based on mutual needs and their increasing condemnation of hotshot lawyer, Sibusiso Khumalo, who lives in the same sectional titles development. Jason is increasingly alienated from his community and is battling to deal with the consequences of his recent job loss and pending divorce. Sanjay is in a professional battle with Sibusiso and is struggling with his attraction to Sibusiso’s live-in girlfriend, Kajol, which he cannot express. Meanwhile Sibusiso is longing for greater independence but has to deal with the consequences of Kajol’s mother’s ill treatment by her extended family. The arrival in the second half of the play of Kajol’s Machiavellian uncle, Deena serves as the catalyst to expose the truth behind the characters courses of action which ends in a brutal confrontation between Sibusiso and Jason





International Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

International Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, 22 October 2017, Dur



Tsogo Sun Amashova Durban Classic 2017

Amashova Durban Classic, 22 October 2017, Start: Pietermaritzburg City Hall and Finish: Su



Last Night of the Proms 2017

Last Night of the Proms 2017, 22 October 2017, Playhouse Opera Theatre.



Drakensberg Boys Choir Live Concert

Drakensberg Boys Choir, 25 October 2017, Drakensberg Boys Choir School.
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