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5 February 2017

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Guitar maestro Barry Thomson takes to the stage in an “un-plugged” salute to artists who have had a direct influence on his life – musically and personally.

Barry says “It’s a gentle, intimate show. I have chosen songs that are instantly recognizable hits and some that are not … but they all have musical or lyrical worth. The audience, hopefully, gets a chance to know a little more about me other than seeing me as an all-out rock guitarist.”

Barry’s musical menu includes many of the songs from his CD. It features the gentler side of artists like Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Neil Young, The Eagles, Neil Diamond and Jethro Tull. There is also a tribute to the Sugar Man – Rodriguez. The show also features some of Barry’s original songs including Take It in My Stride and Walk a Mile.

“It’s not a show really. It’s about me and a bunch of people sharing an afternoon/evening of good music together. And that’s the word. Together”.

Catch Guitar maestro Barry Thomson at Rhumbelow.





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