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Kwa-Rie Caravan Park

51 Tandy Street, Dundee, 3000

(034) 212 2333

Self-catering also available.

Toyota Factory

11 Prospecton Road, Prospecton, Durban, 4001

(031) 9102911

One of the largest factories in KwaZulu-Natal

Memorial To Prince Imperial

Farm No 187638, Nqutu District, 3135

(033) 394 6543

The young Prince Imperial was ambushed on 1 June 1879, while on reconnaissance near the Itshotshosi River. Here the last hopes of the Napoleonic dynasty died with the death of Louis Napoleon. The Prince Imperial was take...

Mseleni Mission Station, Near Lake Sibaya

The Mseleni mission station was established by the reverend and Mrs N .W keys on the Mashiqele Hill, west of Lake Sibaya in 1908

Utrecht Town Hall

The town hall was erected in 1913. It is a national monument.

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