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Devonshire Memorial

Wagon Hill

(036) 637 2992

The memorial is in memory of the officers and men who fell in the gallant charge across Wagon Hill on 6 January 1900 that repulsed a Boer attack.

Dirk Uys House

61 Church Street, Utrecht, 2980

This old building dates back to 1856 and was the home of Swart Dirk Uys, first commandant of Utrecht appointed in November 1855. The appointment almost resulted in civil war. The house is a national monument.

Dundee Bowls Club

Coronation Park, Coronation Street, Dundee, 3000

(034) 212 1834

This offers bowling and club facilities.

Dundee Golf Club (Papwa)

Tandy Street, Dundee, 3000

(034) 218 1000

This is a well kept 18-hole golf course and a club.

Dundee High School

Tatham Street, Dundee, 3000

(033) 394 6543

The high school is a national monument.

Dundee Police Station

Gradstone Street, Dundee, , 3000

These building often contain officers and accommodation for personel & vehicles along with lokker rooms tempoarily holding cells & interviews and interrogation rooms.

Dutch Reformed Church (Utrecht)

Kerk Street, Utrecht, , 2980

(033) 394 6543

The old Dutch Reformed church is from the Union period, of Cape Dutch revival style.It is a national monument.

Eagle Peak Spur

Allen Street Off, The National Road, Newcastle, 2940

(034) 312 4313

Family restaurant

Eastern Delights

37 Mckenzie, Cnr Wilson Street, Dundee, KwaZulu Natal

(034) 218 1570

Up to six different traditional Indian curries cooked daily, served with either rice or roti, bread (bunny chow). Available as an option, mango pickle, crushed green chillies, and or salads. In addition we do a range of ...