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Fort Helpmekaar


An entrenched laager was formed on the night of the IsandlwanaBattle, but it was replaced during the following weeks by a strong earthwork fort.The latter wasbuilt by the Fifth Company Royal Engineers under Captain W. Pa...

Fort Lawrence


The fort was built by a company of the 24th, under Captain H.B.Lawrence. Anglo-Zulu war of 1879.

Fort Mistake

Farm Quagga's Kirk 1168, Klip River District, 2940

(034) 212 2121

This signalling post was built during the war of 1881 and is one in the line that stretched north from Ladysmith to Newcastle.

Fort Pine

Farm Sheepmoor District Rd 357, 3000

(034) 2122654

Fort Pine was built in 1878 by the Royal Engineers for the protection of the civilian population of Dundee.

Fort Terror

New Castle, 2940

The remain of this old signalling post can be seen at Blue Ridge Guest Farm just outside Newcastle on the Ladysmith road.

Fort Warwick

It is now a small and mutilated earth work. It was built in June 1879 by a company of the 2/24th, under Captain J.J. Harvey.

Fort Whitehead


The fort was built by the 58th Regiment and named after their colonel. It was used during the Anglo-Zulu war.

Gandhi Statue Ladysmith

forbes street

Mohandas Ghandi was a stretcher bearer with General Buller's relief forces after the Siege of Ladysmith and trained some of the 1100 Indians in this dangerous task. It said that they left on the last train out of Ladysmi...

Gracelands Guesthouse

72 Magnolia Street, Arbor Park, Newcastle, 2940

(034) 326 3263

A comfortable guesthouse in Newcastle.

Grave of Dabulamanzi

Nqutu, 3135

This noted chief fought against the British during the Anglo-Zulu war.He was later executed for protesting the loss of Zulu territory after the civil war between Dinuzulu and Zibebu,when the Boers intervened.

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