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Intombi Camp/ Hospital

Ladysmith, 3370

All that remains today is the garden of remembrance, a reminder that a total of 700 British soldiers and civilians were buried here within four months, and at a rate of 28 per dayduring the last days of the siege

Irrigation Furrows

E.g. Voortrekker And Kerk Streets

The town of Utrecht was established in 1855, and in 1860 the irrigation system was started. It was lined with Sandstone slabs. Some furrows even passed under buildings.


(035) 8700552

A hill famous for the Battle of Isandlawana.

Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift Battlefield

(034) 271 8165/ 642 1687

The isivivana is a pile of stones cast down at the pathside by african travellers in order to bring good luck on a long journey. The pile near weenen is 6 metres in diameter and i,5 metres high. It is a national monument...

Isandlwana Zulu Cultural Village

(036) 353 0386/082 708 71

Cultural village has been established to cater for traditional activities around the area of Isandlwana, thus the area of Isandlwana, thus complementing the existing tourism businesses that have been established some tim...

Isibindi Zulu Lodge

Rorke's Drift, 3000

(035) 474 1473

Historical and cultural retreat near the Battlefields KwaZulu-Natal. Located in a private game reserve in the heart of the Anglo-Zulu battlefields, Isibindi Zulu Lodge rises majestically from the rugged bushveld and is ...

Isibindi Zulu Lodge

Rorkes Drift, 3000

035 474 1473

Transfer services can be arranged to our lodges via all airports in KZN. As well as from other accommodation establishments in the area close to our lodges situated in KZN.

Itshe Lama Zimu(the Cannibal Rock)

Farm Freiburg, Helpmekaar District

The rock is situated on the farm Freiburg, six kilometers south-east of Helpmekaar. Its topwas used as asafe 'storage place' for the victims of cannibal Chief Ulupalule of the Bele tribe, before they were led down to be ...

Judith Dutch Reformed Church

Paddafontein, Biggarsberg

(033) 394 6543

The church was erected during the 1860's as a result of a split in the Dutch Reformed Church congregation in Dundee involving a German missionary Dohne. The church is on the farm Paddafontein to the west of the Dundee-H...

Karel Landman's House

Farm Uithoek, Glencoe, , 2930

(034) 393 1692

This is a typical example of a Voortrekker house. It is reputed to have been built by Karel Landman himself. He was a trekker leader who fought at the battle of Blood River.

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