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Kokstad Bandstand

(039) 747 9077

The bandstand is a national monument.

Kokstad Magistrates Court

Barker Street, Kokstad, , 4700

(039) 797 6600

A cut stone building, with many of the original fixture and fitting intact, contact the information office for a map.

Lake's Cave

(033) 845 1000

Cave accessed from Cobham camp in the southern Drakensberg.

Lammergeier Cave

Garden Castle

(033) 845 1000

Sleeps 12, set in a picturesque section at the top of a stream gully. The cave is named either because of the rock formations above it which resemble a huge lammergeyer, or from the lammergeyer nest in the wall above the...

Lammergeier Hide

(033) 845 1000

The hide set high on the edge of a cliff, provides a unique opportunity to watch bearded vulture (lammergeyer) through the one-way glass. A bird list of 140 species.


(033) 845 1000

Peak within the Giant's Castle area.

Langalibalele Cave

(033) 845 1000

Cave within the Giant's Castle Nature Reserve.

Langelibalele Pass

(033) 845 1000

The scene of the carbineers’ flight in 1873. Named after Chief Langalibalele (the hot sun). Previously known as Bushman`s Pass, this is the easiest pass by which to get to the mountain summits in the northern part of ...

Ledger's Cave

(033) 845 1000

A cave situated between the Mnweni Cutback and the Mnweni Needles.

Leopard Cave

(036) 488 1880

Cave has a bushman painting of a leopard and may not be used for camping. Access via Cathedral Peak area.

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