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Mdedelelo (Cathkin Peak)

(033) 845 1000

"The bully", an imposing peak also known as Cathkin Peak, a large, flat topped basalt block. It is easily recognised and offers some difficult climbs.


072 712 2401

A smaller pinnacle in the Mnweni area.


Farm Zuur Lager 1040, Bergville District, 3350

(033) 394 6543

This settlement was built by the Zizi people who lived there until the Mfecane of the 1820's. The site appears to have been occupied for several decades and there is evidence of four phases of construction. The site was...

Mhlwazini Cave

Mhlwazini River, Cathkin Area

(033) 394 6543

The cave is situated in the valley of the Mhlwazini river. It is a proclaimed heritage site of great sensitivity.

Mike's Pass

033 845 1999

Mike's Pass is a steep, dirt mountain road leading up to a view point of the main Drakensberg escarpment from Cathedral Peak in the north to Cathkin in the south.

Minaret Pass

(033) 845 1000

A peak in the southern Drakensberg escarpment south of Hodgson`s Peak.


072 712 2401

Pinnacle in the Mnweni area.


(033) 845 1000

A vast Wilderness Area of the southern Drakensberg.

Mlahlangubo Pass

(033) 845 1000

A very steep pass within the Mkhomazi Wilderness Area.

Mlambonja Buttress

(036) 488 1880

3007 meters. Mlambonja which means hungry dog refers to the lack of game in the area that left the early hunters` dogs hungry.

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