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Pholela River

Mkhomazi Wilderness Area, Himeville

The upper reaches of this stream lies in the Drakensberg Park. It is only partly accessible by vehicle. The rest requires a long hike.

Pillars, The

(033) 702 0712

A more difficult climb than the Inner Needle. Access via the Mnweni area.

Pimple Hill

(036) 4317848/0828243981

Sandstone hill in the little berg, Injasuthi area, south of the camp.

Pinnacle Rock

(033) 7020712

A high point near Gxalingenwa Cave.

Pins Cave

072 712 2401

Situated on a southern slope facing true east, Pins Cave is in a gully which leads down to Tchitchibush camp. The cave looks out onto the Mnweni Pinnacles.

Pitsaneng Pass

(033) 845 1000

A pass south of Hodgson`s Peaks.

Poachers Cave

(036) 4317848/0828243981

Out of bounds for an overnight stop.

Policeman, The

(033) 7020712

The Policeman, in the Cobham area, Not to be confused with the Policeman's Helmet in RNNP

Policeman`s Helmet

(036) 438 6310/ 6303

A natural rock feature shaped like a British bobby, within the Royal Natal National Park.

Popple Peak

(036) 3533718

The fourth highest peak in South Africa (3325m). It is set a little behind the escarpment in the north of the Giant’s Castle area.

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