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A visit to an inyanga either in a township or near the Berea station should be on your agenda. So, too should a visit to one of Durban's most interesting nurseries - Silverglen. Two in three Durbanites are estimated to use medicinal plants and animal parts, many of them under the supervision of traditional herbalists - inyanga. Because the inyanga are moving to the cities, the task of collecting plants is being left to others, and, as payment is based on quantity, there is no incentive to obey the conservation practices of the traditional healers' code. On top of this demand is growing and land that has traditionally provided the inyangas is being lost to agriculture. These factors have brought many medicinal plant from the brink of extinction. In an attempt to save them, part of the Silverglen Nature Reserve was set up by George Nichols with the Durban parks, recreation and beaches department, now has more than 200 plant species and 100 000 plants in cultivation. With the help of herbalist Dr Cele, the nursery concentrates on species that are difficult to come by. Success has been astounding.