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Ballito Art Gallery


(032) 946 1937

This is the tomb of badsha pir, one of two islamic saints who lived in durban. He was especially known for his good works and the regeneration of islamic principles amongst the indian community.

Bond's Drift

Lower Tukela, 3800

(032) 946 1997/2434

After the Anglo-Zulu War, E. Bond operated a punt a few kilometers upriver from the site of the present John Ross bridge.

Compensation Estate - Morewood Sugar Mill

Farm Compensation, Lower Tugela, District

(033) 394 6543

Edward Morewood acquired a farm here in 1848, on which he grew sugar cane, constructed a home made mill and produced the first sugar by 1851. Now known as the Morewood Memorial Gardens, this site has a replica of an ea...


(032) 946 3635

There are various sub-tropical nurseries that can be visited.

Fort Pearson & Ultimatum Tree

Farm Williamson 12871, Lower Tugela District, 4451

(032) 486 1574

This historic fort on the south bank of the Thukela was witness to the handing over of the British ultimatum and many events that followed, during the Anglo-Zulu war of 1879.

Fort Tenedos


(033) 394 6543

The fort was built in January 1879 by the No 1 Column. It was subsequently modified and garrisoned by a company of the 99th Regiment, but abandoned in July 1879. It is a proclaimed monument

Fort Williamson

Lower Tukela, 4451

The fort was begun in 1861, and was in disrepair by 1870.

Gledhou Sugarmill

Mill Road, Stanger, 4450

(032) 946 1997/946 2434

The Gledhow Mill near Stanger

Glenshaka Trail

Glenariff Farm, Shaka's Kraal

(032) 947 9027

The trail boasts indigenous forest, shady streams and open grassland. Enjoy abundant birdlife, bushpig and red duiker.

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