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(036) 488 1880

Peak above the Cathedral Peak hotel.

Colenso Battlefield

On 15 December 1899, General Buller advanced on the lines of defence that had been set up by General Louis Botha along the Thukela river. The purpose of this offensive was to relieve the besieged town of Ladysmith. The B...


68 Ridge Road, Durban, 4001

(033) 394 6543

This magnificent residence, of historical and architectural interest, was built for Sir David Hunter, General Manager of the Natal Government Railways from 1879-1906. It was declared a national monument in September 198...

Collingham Caves

Farm Fp 36 7648, Mpendle District, 3227

(033) 394 6543

There are rock paintings on the walls of these caves, which help depict life on the Protea Savanna during the third and fourth centuries A.D. The caves were declared a national monument during September 1995.

Collingham Shelter

Farm Fp36 7648, Impendle, 3227

(035) 8702050

This archaeological site depicts an exceptionally detailed and representative depiction of life on the Natal Protea Savanna over a short period of time during the third and fourth centuries. There are rock paintings on ...

Colling`s Pass

Civic Garden, Corner Boundary &, Victoria Street, Dundee, 3000

Pass between KZN and Free State

Colonial Mutual Building

330 West Street, Durban, 4001

This was probably South Africa's first real skyscraper, built in 1933. It is a fine example of Art Deco architecture.


(036) 488 1880

One of two imposing pinnacles at the head of the Tseketseke Valley. A thrilling rock climb of F3 standard.

Commemorative Tablet To Leo Pokrowsky

Kerk (church) Street, Utrecht, 2980

One of the most famous foreigners who fought with the Boer forces during the second Anglo-Boer war was captain Leo Pokrowsky, a Pole who was an officer in the Russian army. He was killed in a skirmish on Christmas Day 1...

Compensation Estate - Morewood Sugar Mill

Farm Compensation, Lower Tugela, District

(033) 394 6543

Edward Morewood acquired a farm here in 1848, on which he grew sugar cane, constructed a home made mill and produced the first sugar by 1851. Now known as the Morewood Memorial Gardens, this site has a replica of an ea...

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