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Coolamgause Building

Retief Street, Weenen, 3325

(036) 352 6253

The Coolamgause building is a national monument. General dealer in the town of Weenen.

Coral Beds

(035) 562 0353 / 562 0848

Just off Lister`s Point.

Corner Pass, The

(036) 431 7848 / 08282439

A difficult pass which involves rock scrambling to reach the top of the escarpment.

Cottage Hospital

Dundee, 3000

(034) 212 2654

This house was the home of the local head master, originally built as a cottage hospital and used as a military hospital for British wounded during the battle of Talana.

Cottam Grove Hotel

303-309 Florida Road, Durban, 4001

(033) 394 6543

The buildings were put up for Sir Abe Bailey in 1903, and used as a hotel after World War II, when it was known as the Dorchester . It became known as Cottam Grove after 1972. It was declared a national monument in Fe...

Cowan House

Hilton Avenue, Hilton, 3245

A school in a garden" , we offer co-educational schooling for the most vital and formative years from Grade RR to grade 7. Day scholars as well as boarders enjoy a" home-from-home" environment.

Coward's Bush

(035) 474 1141

While he resided at his capital Kwa Bulawayo no 2, King Shaka is said to have had army cowards executed at this site. It is also known as Isihlala Samagwala, or the resting place of cowards. An old kei-apple tree grows...

Crow`s Nest Cave

(036) 438 6310/ 6303

Set in a rock band. Sleeps 6 people.

Crystal Falls

(036) 353 3718

Waterfall and pool are a welcome respite on a hot day.

Cumberland Nature Reserve / T/a Bennidale Farm

D408, Mountain Road, Pietermaritzberg District, 3201

Cumberland Nature Reserve is a 300ha private reserve situated in the Table Mountain area, just east of Pietermaritzburg. Besides a wonderful selection of savannah species, one can also pick up a variety of wetland, fores...

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