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Assisi Convent

Assisi Hospital And Convent, 4240

(039) 695 9104

It is a mission or convent. There is also a hospital and a school. The convent was built on 8 December 1922. It was named in the honor of St. Francis from Italy. The hospital was built in 1959 and was given the same ...

Bilanhlolo River

Ramsgate, 4240

(039) 682 2455

After an apparent misunderstanding in 1831 over cattle, some of Dingane's warriors are alleged to have killed members of the family of the early trader Fynn near the mouth of this river. The river Bilanhlolo means 't...


(039) 679 1644

Rock shaped like a camel's head. Makes a good vantage point over the Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve.

Coastal Lotus Chaffeur Services

118 Lotus Drive, Umkomaas, 4170

Driver uniforms Air-conditioned vehicles

Fynn's Grave

Sugarbush Cutting, Port Shepstone, 4240

(039) 6870314

Frank Fynn was the brother of Henry Francis Fynn. William Bazley erected the simple tombstone after Frank Fynn's death. Henry Francis Fynn's precious diary was buried with Frank Fynn. The grave is in a thicket 500 me...

Helen's Art Studio

Lot 117 No: 42, Effingham Parade, Trafalgar

(039) 313 0686


Horseshoe Bend

(039) 679 1644

A great river bend in the Oribi Gorge Reserve.


Port Edward, 4295

(039) 311 1211

Shaka's warriors are said to have killed a party of Mpondos here in 1828. Others maintain that the Fynn family was attacked during the 1830's.

KwaNobhodwe/Kwalembe Tourist House

Kwanobhodwe, Lembe

(039) 976 1364

It is a house made for tourists passing in the area. It is in a quiet area near Umkomaas River. The house has toilets, sinks, etc. There is a good site of the Umkomaas River and surrounding mountains.

Lighthouse At Port Shepstone

Princess Elizabeth Drive, Port Shepstone, , 4240

(039) 682 7944

The lighthouse, made of iron, was cast in Britain and shipped to Natal in the 1890's. Initially it stood at green point to warn of the Aliwal Shoal, but was later brought to Port Shepstone. It is a national monument.

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