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Mama Mia

217 Ulu Drive, Ramsgate, 4285

We are a unique family fun boat ride company, with an educational tour of the shark nets and drum lines. Beautiful views of the main beaches from the sea to get your adrenaline going. We also do doughnuts and burn nuts. ...

Margate Airport

Tedder Road, Margate, 4275

(039) 312 0560

Margate Airport (MGH) is well situated on the subtropical Hibiscus Coast to service Margate and other coastal resort towns of this region. Numerous local and overseas visitors come to holiday here, and the airport provi...

Margate Country Club

Wingate Road, Margate, 4275

(039) 312 0571

This 18-hole golf course is attracting an increasing number of golfers from South Africa and overseas. It is situated in the town of Margate, where you also find a superb beach.

Margate Mini Coach & Airport Services

5 Jenkins Road, Margate, 4275

Margate Mini Coach and Airport Services, Daily return passenger transport (Scheduled) from wild coast sun, Margate, Durban Station, Durban Airport (King Shaka) and return. Specials to rugby matches. Customised Golf Tours...

Margate Monster

Lot 18 Pinorama Parade, Margate beach Front

(039) 312 2322

The discovery of a great, mysterious sea creature that was washed up on the Margate beach in 1922 caused international interest and helped to establish the tourist industry here.

Margate Municipal Art Museum

Lot 1000, Don Pienaar Square, Vikings Rd, Margate

(039) 312 8392

Working hours: Tuesdays – Friday 8h30 : 16h30, sat 8h00 :14h00, sun and Monday closed.

Margate Police Station

Lot 459, Klifton Road, Margate,

(039) 312 9805

Deals with all police related matters, reporting of crime investigation, investigation of crime, community services, preventative patrol activity and conduct accident investigation.

Margate Swimming Pool

Margate Beach

(039) 312 9210

The exact name and location of this/these facilities has not yet been determined.

Marina Beach

Lot 666, Crescent Way, Uvongo, 4270

(039) 315 9210/03

It is one of the best along the coast. It is 180 metres wide and is uninterrupted for a distance of 5 kilometres, perfect for beach walking and picnicking. It has been called the Honolulu of the South Coast due to its re...

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