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Amatikulu Sugarmill


(035) 3319000

On the Matigulu river

Bishop's Lodge

(035) 474 1141

Home of the first Anglican bishop, Rev W.M.Carter. It was established when the diocese was moved from Isandlwana to Eshowe in 1891.

Biyela Monument


The Biyela memorial was put up at the request of the Biyela clan to show their area of origin. It is beyond the Katazo store on the road from Melmoth to Babanango, not far from Dingane's spring.

Blood Rivier Poort (River Gorge) Battlefield ( Blood River Poort Battlefield )

Bloedrivierpoort, Vryheid, 3100

The battle took place on 17 September 1901. This battle was fought to prevent Louis Botha’s second attempt to invade Natal. The British were outflanked and in the 10 minute action lost 16 officers, 273 men and 3 guns...

Boshof House

219 East Street, Vryheid, 3100

(033) 394 6543

The Boshof House is a national monument.

British Entrenchments On Vryheid Mountain

(034) 982 2133 EXT. 2271

The entrenchments and gun emplacements were erected during the Boer war whilst Vryheid was in the possession of the 2nd Royal Lancaster Regiment. Some of the entrenchments lie inside the Vryheid berg Nature Reserve. ...

Bulawayo No 1 (Kwa Bulawayo) Zulu Capital)

This was Shaka's first royal homestead. He called it Kwabulawayo in remembrance of the suffering of his childhood. It is in the Makhosini Valley, south of the junction of the Ulundi road with that from Melmoth to Vryhe...

Bulawayo No. 2 (Kwa Bulawayo)

uThungulu House, Krugerrand, CBD Richards Bay

This is the site of Shaka's capital after the Ndwandwe campaign, with construction starting around 1820. The nearby cowards' bush is where King Shaka allegedly used to have warriors executed if they had shown cowardic...

Buthelezi Ancestral Sites

(035) 870 0812

The ancestral sites of the Buthelezi lie to the east of Babanango, towards Ulundi.

Cetshwayo's Crowning Ceremony 1873

Mlambongwenya, Ulundi, 3838

It was at this kraal that Cetshwayo was crowned king of the Zulus by Sir Theophilus Shepstone in August, 1873. Little is left of the site.

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