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Fort Marshall


(035) 835 0029

The fort was built on 18 June by the 2/21st, and named after Major Gen F.Marshall during the Anglo-Zulu war of 1879.

Fort Newdigate

(035) 835 0029

The fort was built on 6 June 1879 and garrisoned by two companies of the 2/21st Royal Scots Fusiliers, a detachment of no 10 battery, and the 7th Brigade Royal Artillery.

Fort Nolela - Olundi

Ulundi, 3838

(035) 870 0812

Also called Fort Ulundi, it wasbuilt by men of the 1/24th overlooking the camp of Lord Chelmsford’s Flying column during the two days before the Battle of Ulundi. It is about a kilometer south of the White Umfolozi Riv...

Fort Nongqai Museum Village

Nonqai Road, Eshowe, 3820

(035) 474 2281

This church / museum was built by funds donated by the Norwegian government in 2000.there is a collection of items and a history of their time here.emphasis on Bishop Shreuder who was instrumental in getting King Mpande ...

Fort Nongqayi

Nonqai Road, Eshowe, 3820

(035) 474 1141

In 1883, a Zulu force, the Nongqayi, was commissioned to support Sir Melmoth Osborn, the British resident, whose task it was to control the civil unrest after the Anglo-Zulu war.Its headquarters were at Fort Nongqayi whi...

Fort Nonqai

Nonqai Road, Eshowe, 3815

(035) 4741141

The fort originally housed the Nonqai (restrainers) or Zululand police, raised in 1883 to serve as a guard for Sir Melmoth Osborne, the resident commissioner. Only fifty men were in the command when it was first formed...

Fort Piet Uys


(034) 982 2133 EXT.2271

The fort was built by Baker Russel's column on 29-30 August 1879 and garrisoned by a company of the 94th. Ploughing will soon have obliterated its last vestiges.

Fort Prospect, Babanango Area


(035) 835 0029

On 24 September 1900 the outpost manned by 80 British soldiers was attacked by 400 Boers . The Boers were eventually forced to withdraw.

Fort Richards

(035) 474 1141

It was commenced on the 1 July by the men of the First Division, but apparently never completed. It is named after Admiral Richards.

Fort Tinta

Vryheid, 3100

(034) 982 2133

This was a stone, laager fort. It was built by Wood's Column between 19 and 21 January 1879 and garrisoned briefly by a company from the 1/13th and 90th Light Infantry.