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Brown, Tim, Mr

47 Old Main Roadd, Hillcrest, Durban, 3610

Tourist Guide Services of Brown, Timothy Wayne Mr, Tour Guide, Nature and Culture, Level 4, Provincial, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, KZN 1555

Buchan, Leigh, Mr

Lot 1/283 Koedoe str, Hluhluwe, 3960

(035) 562 0519

Tourist Guide services of Buchan, Leigh Ian, Mr, Tour Guide, Site, Nature, Hluhluwe Game Reserve and surrounding areas, KZN 1644

Bukhosini Buhlebuyeza Theobaldt Mr

Nzalabantu Reserve, Kwambonambi, Richardsbay, 3900

Tourist guide services of Bukhosini Theo Level 2 Nature Site Guide, competent to guide in Elephant Coast, HIP, St Lucia, False Bay, Tembe Elephant Park, Kosi Bay and surroundings

Burge, Kevin

9 Umfolozi Road, Dundee, 3000

(034) 212 1351

Tour Guide Services of Burge, Kevin, Mr. Provincial Culture Guide at Umzinyathi area. KZN 1797

Burke Jonathan

Tourist guide services of Jonathan Burke, a Level 2 Nature Guide, competent to guide in St Lucia, Umkhanyakude, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN 2326)

Burne Clayton Mr

Rockjumper House, 1 Crowe Square, Garlington, Hilton

(033) 394 0225

Tourist Guide Services of Burne Clayton Mr, Provincial Guide, KZN, MP, LP, WC & NC, South Africa.

Burton, Michael Barry, Mr

2 Knossos, 570 Oakleigh Drive, Berea, 4001

Tourist Guide services of Burton, Michael Barry Mr,Culture, Site, Ethekwini Municipality Area, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. KZN 1435

Bustos Sanchez, Betty

Tourist guide services of Betty Bustos Sanchez a Level 2 Culture Site Guide, competent to guide in the Durban (KZN 2261)

Buthelezi Jeffrey

D1004Phumekhaya RD, KwaXimba area, 3720

(031) 322 6026 17

Tourist guide services of Buthelezi, Jeffrey Mthandeni Mr, Culture, level 4, Provincial, KZN, RSA, KZN 1922

Buthelezi Lindiwe Pretty (Ms)

Bambanani Road, Chesterville, 4091

Lindiwe Buthelezi is a competent Nature guide in Ethekwini Municipal area. She has got a Level 2 qualification.