For the tourism trade

For the tourism trade

Exceptional Guide to Packaging KZN

2013 Indaba Presentation

Tourism KwaZulu-Natal 2013-2018 Strategic Plan

Tourism KwaZulu-Natal Activities 2013


Trade Growth Presentations 17 September 2012

Horwath HTL Hotel Market Sentiment Survey

Roadshow Presentation Edited RS

Tourism Indaba 2012

Revised Tourism Quarterly Growth Forum Program


Trade Growth Presentations 17 September 2012

Introduction to South Africa Express


Tourism Quarterly Presentation - SAACI

Powerpoint - TQGF Programme


Tourism Growth Forum Presentations 13 December 2010

Convention Bureau


UK and USA

Africa, Asia and Australasia

Research and Statistics


Tourism Growth Forum Presentations 27 November 2009

2010 Soccer World Cup Preparations

Brand Campaign

Service Excellence

UK and USA Activities

Africa, Asia and Australia Activities


Tourism Growth Forum Presentations 10 July 2009

Packaging KwaZulu-Natal for the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup

SAT 2010 Soccer World Cup Marketing Campaign

SAT 2010 Soccer World Cup Marketing Campaign Tool Kit

Latest Market Trends


Tourism Growth Forum Presentations 3 April 2009

The Impact of The Global Economic Downturn on the Tourism Sector

Vakantiebeurs Fact Sheet

Vakantiebeurs Report

SAT Fundi 2009 Registrations

ASTA IDE 2009 Sun City 

FITUR 2009

Core Tourism Metrics



GCP Presentation

SAPS Presentation

Service Excellence Presentation

Indaba 2009 Presentation

Asta 2009Database

BIT 2009 Database

ITB 2009 Database


Tourism Growth Forum Presentations 17 October 2008

Trade Manager Presentation

Brand/ Consumer  Manager Presentation

TIS GM Presentation


Other Tourism Growth Forum Presentations

Tourism in 2012

FEDHASA Durban Season Feedback

Progress Report July 2011 - January 2012

SAACI Presentation

Domestic Marketing Strategy

Tourism Statistics 2010/2011

PR & Comms


WHTC SA presentation


Responsible Tourism

Membership Fees

Tour Operator Details Form

Policy Guidelines for Tour Operators


Other Documents

Business Tourism Support

Tourist Guide and Other Tourism Services Registration System

Partnership Opportunities for Registered KwaZulu-Natal Tourism

Foreign Trade Contacts

Trade and Consumer Shows

Trade Workshops

TKZN Brochures

2010 Soccer World Cup Information

Grading Information

Tourism Enterprise Partnership

IDC Tourism Support Programme

Disabled Tourism Strategy 

KwaZulu-Natal Presentation