The Nottingham Road Brewing Company

The Nottingham Road Brewing Company

Rawdon’s Estate is a fine three-star establishment which has been managed by the Attwood family since 1967. It is situated in the KZN Midlands in the foothills of the Drakensberg. With South Africans demanding something more than a beer brewed by South African Breweries, Rawdon’s idea that “we’ll change your taste for beer for good”, has taken off. The in-house Nottingham Road Brewing Company brews four varieties of quality beer and have distribution depots throughout the Zulu Kingdom.

Marketed as “Midlands to the Mountains Ale Trail”, it rates as one of the most well liked independent breweries in the country. The success of Rawdon’s beer lies in the ingredients. They use only their own spring water and no chemicals, and adhere strictly to the traditional German brew-master technique. Once bottled, the beer is drinkable for up to 6 weeks.

You will enjoy meeting the in-house brew master, Armstrong Matric, who started as a cleaner in the plant and after revealing his “passion” for brewing beer, trained under Trevor Morgan, the previous brew master of SAB. Although Armstrong loves “his” beer above all, his taste-testing is also just to be sure the product is always excellent. His hobby is singing and sometimes the “singing brewer” entertains the guests with a hearty solo.

The four different types of Rawdon’s beer are well rounded and vary from mild to slightly bitter, bearing names reminiscent of the animal kingdom.

Tiddly Toad Light Lager – 3%
Pye-eyed Possum Pilsner – 4,6%
Whistling Weasel Pale Ale – 4,5%
Pickled Pig Porters – 5,5%

Complement Rawdon’s Beer with a meal of German sausages from the Bierfassel, Himeville Arms or the 'Roof of Africa' at the Sani Top Chalet, the highest pub in South Africa.

A well-stocked shop adjoins the brewery, where one can buy T-shirts, beer mugs, “Nippies” with the authentic logo, the four different beers in gift packs and 5lt party barrels complete with tap and handle. Included is a dispatch service.

Tel: +27 (0) 33 266 6044
Fax: +27 (0) 33 266 6728