If you have watched our captivating video on Ghost Mountain Inn, you may be wondering where the name ‘ Ghost Mountain ’ came from. The name must certainly surge your curiosity, as it should. Ghost Mountain has so much history behind it. Situated in Northern KwaZulu-Natal in a small, mostly rural town called Mkuze, sits the legendary and somewhat eerie Ghost Mountain. Over many years the locals have often reported witnessing unimaginable flickering lights that just cannot be explained, as well as strange and unfamiliar noises along the mountainside. It’s up to you on whether you believe in ghosts or not, but there is no arguing that this mountain is steeped in intriguing history, including battles which led to bloodshed. It’s no wonder why those who believe in the afterlife use this history as an explanation for the mysterious sights & sounds.


Ghost Mountain was used as a sacred burial ground long before the 18th century

For chiefs who belonged to the Gaza family, the royalty of the ‘Ndwandwe’ tribe. This tribe once resided at the foot of the mountain. They adopted the tradition of mummifying the corpse of their chief’s and carrying the body deep into caves and burying them there. To this day no one knows exactly how many bodies were buried in this mystifying mountain.


It was here that in the indigenous Zulu warriors belonging to the Mandlakazi region battled against an army of Usuthu warriors and Boers. This battle became known as the ‘Battle of Tshaneni’. It was later reported by a Colonel almost a century later, that the skeletons of the warriors who lost their lives during this battle, still lay on the mountain, scattered.


H Rider Haggard authored a book ‘Nada the Lily’ and describes Ghost Mountain as being shaped with the head of an old woman. This undoubtedly gives the mountain more character, subtly implying that the mountain has a life of its own.


One cannot deny the captivating qualities this mountain has as it has witnessed such fascinating events. Discover more while staying at the Ghost Mountain Inn or visit the local Myeni family while they take you on a cultural experience of a local homestead. They are sure to welcome all the questions you probably now have! When visiting the area, you can also witness the most magnificent wildlife Africa has to offer. Lake Jozini will flaunt it’s resident crocodiles and hippos. Hluhluwe Game Reserve is home to the rare black rhino as well as over 300 different species of bird.


KwaZulu-Natal has so much to offer, it is in these little hidden gems where the true magic happens. Visit for amazing specials in this area!
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