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A brief introduction to Durban: Enchanted Pleasure - Palace - Africa's bewitching seaside playground in the sun, Durban has from its earliest days possessed a special charm...a certain mystique that adds 'something extra' to the meeting of warm Indian Ocean, radiant golden sands and lush sub-tropical greenery. The creation of Durban Metro beckons visitors to this sublime paradise with yet another bonus...the addition of three invaluable elements to our ever - evolving, ever - widening portfolio of irresistible attractions. To offer the broadest possible spectrum of unforgettable experiences, we've brought to your holiday doorstep the magnificent environment and cultural wonders of the Valley of a Thousand Hills, long and tranquil beaches of The South and up - market ambience of the historic and culturally rich Umhlanga.

Durban Metro is where the proud Zulu nation meets East and West...a wealth of influences to entertain and enthrall with traditional warrior dancers, mystic fire-walkers and colonial heritage. Sample the unique vibrancy of township life, the finest curries outside India and a calendar filled with thrilling, spectacular events.

We're sports-crazy and equipped for countless international contests at our magnificent venues including the beach. While estate golf inland features high on the list of courses that abound, you can also tee off alongside the ocean or pause on the green as the field thunders by on race day. Speaking of which, we host two of our country's premier horseracing draw- cards...but should you not fancy their odds, there are always the slot- machines and gaming tables of our Sibaya Casino & Entertainment Kingdom!

Sophisticated and cosmopolitan, Durban Metro after dark is abuzz with elegant lounges, funky taverns and cosy inns...distinctive local theatre and live music...trendy clubs, pubs and discos. Rave 'till dawn and catch sunrise over the vast Indian Ocean horizon - this is nightlife in a modern, authentic African metropolis!

From your luxury hotel, self-catering apartment or back- packers' lodge, all the delights of our 'mega-city' are linked by efficient transport services...the same network that connects you with the star attractions a little further afield. No less than two World Heritage Sites wait among the majestic Berg, teeming Bush, endless Beach and monumental Battlefields that lie within your easy reach. What a Buzz!

Our Zulu Kingdom is a holiday destination quite unlike any other...its Durban Metro a gateway equally unique. We look forward to introducing you to this vast array of thrilling adventures... beginning with the charismatic, multi-faceted and progressive city the Zulu people know as eThekwini.

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