Shaka's Rock

    Ms Cheryl Peters (Contact Person)
    032 437 5021 (Telephone)
    032 437 5183 (Telephone)
    086 614 3513 (Fax)
    086 459 2622 (Fax) (Email)

Physical Address

Sangweni Tourism Centre

Postal Address

P O Box 1788

Shaka's Rock is a small residential area with much accommodation to choose from. Home to a lovely stretch of sandy beach, it also boasts a beautiful tidal pool flanked by picturesque rocky cliffs. The beach is a favourite ski- boat launch site and beach-goers are often treated to the spectacular launching and beaching of the daredevil wave riders returning from a deep sea fishing trip. They may even sell you part of the catch!

Other areas in Shaka's Rock