Zinkwazi Beach

    Ms Cheryl Peters (Contact Person)
    032 437 5021/5183 (Telephone)
    086 459 2622 (Fax)
    Sphelelen@kwadukuza.gov.za (Email)

Physical Address

Sangweni Tourism Centre

Postal Address

P.O. Box 1788

Zinkwazi Beach nestled between beach and lagoon, is a nature lover's wonderland of walks, fishing, spectacular bird life, indigenous forest, water sports and endless beaches. The tranquil lagoon at Zinkwazi is the longest in KwaZulu-Natal, ideal for a gracious picnic in the company of the 'izinkwazi' or fish eagles perched along the banks of the lagoon. Zinkwazi has a magnificent caravan park with an abundance of indigenous trees and bird life. A superb restaurant provides the finishing touch. For more information on Zinkwazi please use the following menu.

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