Boston, Bulwer and Surrounds

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There's absolutely no mistaking the pristine, inviting surrounds of Boston and Bulwer for anything but a long-established seat of pastoral plenty - the luxuriant, generously watered grazing meadows and impressive forests a perfect setting for picturesque settlements that beckon with our hallmark hospitality. These open doors lead to the entire spectrum of holiday accommodation, from quaint country hotels, guesthouses, farms and B&Bs, to rustic self-catering cottages, backpack lodges and campsites.

To say that visitors to Boston and Bulwer are spoilt for choice would be an understatement. In addition to their number and variety, each and every welcoming address offers, at the very least, tranquil ambience with scenic walks and fish-filled streams or dams, plus easy access to the adrenalin-fuelled pursuits for which we're also world renowned. Certain of these establishments are themselves the focal point of pulse-racing adventures, and tempt their guests to not stray too far from their new home-away-from- home. For more information on KwaZulu-Natal registered Boston and Bulwer tourism services please use the following menu.

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