Ixopo & Surrounds

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Ixopo was surveyed in 1878 and was initially called Stuartstown, the Zulu name however prevailed...thanks to its perfect example of onomatopoeia - the sound of cattle squelching through the mud - provided, of course, you pronounce it with the correct 'click'! This implied dampness refers in the main too often misty altitudes of almost 2 000m above sea level. Two 19th century churches and a seminary are still operational in Ixopo...while two other landmarks further enhance the area's spiritual tradition and reputation - a floodlit cross bestowing peace and goodwill on the town and, at the nearby Buddhist Retreat Centre, a tall reliquary radiating wisdom and compassion to the valleys below. For more information on the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands town of Ixopo and the surrounding area, please use the following menu.

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