Durban Festival of Chariots

30 March 2017 - 2 April 2018

    Rasasthali Dasi (Contact Person) (Email)


The Durban Festival of Chariots celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. It is a four-day festival hosted by ISKCON, a non-profit and non-sectarian society. Our mission is to spread love and a deeper understanding of our true selves. With this understanding we are able to break though the numerous barriers that humans build around themselves. This festival is our attempt to bring all members of society together in the celebration of life. Our entertainment is geared to show unity through diversity. Every evening we have a specific focus:

Friday 30 March – Life-In-Style @4pm

Visitors can explore the ancient Vedic sciences. Energize with yoga. Prophesize with Astrology. Revitalise with Ayurveda. Make a conscious connection with mantra-meditation. Style your life with goodness.

Saturday 31 March – Sound Evolution Concert @4pm

From Hip-hop to opera, reggae to classical; pop, rock, poetry, and mantra. Yes! We will have something for everyone. Our soul soothing sounds will send your spirit soaring. With a blend of local favourites and international flavours, we invite you to conscious concert.Evolve through sacred sound.

Sunday 1 April – Everybody Dance @4pm

Dandiya Dance-off

Can you feel the rhythm? Get off your seats and grab some dance sticks. We have moves you have never seen before. Our interactive dance session brings you...Dandiya! Dandiya is an ancient form of stick dance that can be performed in concentric groups. We aim for one massive group dance-off!You have two left feet? No problem! Just register and qualify for your own pair of dandiya sticks and dance lesson. Once you've got your sticks and learned the moves, we get together and..Ready Steady Dance!

Drum Cafe

Can you hear the rumble? We bring you the globally acclaimed Drum Cafe. Interactive drumming is a sure and fun way to get your blood pumping, release tension, and feel alive with rhythm. Follow your heart-beat. Togetherness is our key. Join in with your Dandiya sticks. Oh, and watch out for our mantra drum fusion.

You need to register to join in both of these events. You can bring your own dandiya sticks and drums as well. We have a limited number of dandiya sticks and drums, so book early. Note: no under 10s for the drumming.






Cinderella, 06 to 30 December 2018, Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre



This Festive Season

This Festive Season, 06 to 30 December 2018, Playhouse Company.



Woza Albert!

Woza Albert, 06 to 30 December 2018, Playhouse Drama Theatre.



Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers, 14 to 24 December 2018, Rhumbelow Theatre.