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Blue Haze Restaurant

Moorpark Road, Escourt

(036) 352 5772

The famous Pheasant A la Carte Restaurant is open daily from 7am to 10pm where meals are served in the main dining room, on the patio, on the lawns, or for a more intimate dining experience, upstairs in the elegant Squir...

Bond Peak

(036) 353 3718

A peak named after a soldier who was killed during a skirmish in 1873.

Botha's Pass

Botha's Pass, 2940

Botha's Pass was captured by Gen Buller on 8 June 1900 and thus opened the route for the British advance into the Orange Free State. Remains of trenches dug by the Boers are visible.

Brynbella Battlefield

Farm Tamboekieskraal 1927, Estcourt, 3310

(036) 352 6253

The site marks the most southern point reached by the Boer forces under Gen Louis Botha during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899 to 1902. The stone wall used by both the British and Boer forces on 23 November 1899 is still vis...

Buffalo River Bridge

Farm Milton 1007 And Kromellenboog 170, Farm Kromellenboog 170, Newcastle District, 2940

This bridge, to the north-eastof Newcastle, lies at 27:40:40s and 30:02"20e. It was erected in October 1898 by the Z.A.R.And the colonyof Natal jointly. The bridge was declared a national monument in 1982.

Buller's Headquarters

43 Ayliff Street, Newcastle, 2940

(034) 315 3318

Once used by Gen Buller as his headquarters and now the business premises of the grandson of James Bruce who built the quaint Victorian home in 1891.

C.S Travel and Tours

Transportation of tourists to and from different destinations around South Africa. Transportation of school excursion groups to learning trips around SA. Airport transfers and transportation for church groups to other p...

Capricon Hotel Restaurant

Boundary Road No 3, Newcastle

Cocktail Bar, Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Full service restaurant.

Captain Leo Pokrowsky Monument

Kerk (church) Street, Utrecht, 2980

The Monument to Capt Leo Pokrowsky commemorates the courage of this Polish officer who fought for the Boers in the Anglo-Boer war of 1899 to 1902. He was killed in action on 25 December 1900.

Carbineers ' Graves

Giant's Castle Nature Reserve, Drakensberg

(036) 352 6253

While attempting to capture Langalibalele during the rebellion of 1873, Bond, Potterel, Erskine, Katana and Kambule were shot to death on the steep Langalibalele pass. The first three were Carbineers. There is a Monumen...