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Also known as Umbumbulo, the Pyramid is 1782m high and a good place to appreciate the surrounding countryside, without involving a strenuous hike.

Pyramid - Cathedral Area

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2940m high major peak and climb in the Cathedral area. Access via KZN Wildlife, reached via the Tseketseke Valley.

Rainbow Gorge

Didima Camp, Cathedral Peak, Winterton, 3340

(036) 488 1332

This is probably one of the most picturesque hikes in the area. From the hotel skirt the base of Tryme Hill westwards, then eastwards on the path into the gorge. Once in the gorge itself the path follows the river.

Rangeworthy Military Cemetery

Acton Holmes, 3370

(036) 637 2992

The British buried in this cemetery were killed during skirmishes with the Boers on 20/21 January 1900, prior to the battle of Spioenkop.

Red Wall

Magnificent red basalt wall extending along the top of the escarpment.


(033) 7020504

Sixth highest peak in South Africa (3314m). Spectacular views over KZN and Lesotho. Approximately 1km inland of the main escarpment, it is classed as an easy climb once on the plateau.

Redi Pass

Loteni Nature Reserve, Loteni, Himeville, 3256

(033) 702 0540

This is the sixth highest peak in South Africa. The direct route, up Redi Pass, involves rock climbing, so Buttress Pass is a close alternative, found east of Hlatimba Buttress, about 1.5kmssouth of Redi Pass. Start -29....

Reichenau Mission, Pevensey

Pevensey, , 3244

(033) 701 1891

The mission was founded in 1886 by Bavarian Monks as a monastery, convent, farmand school. The church has impressive stained glass windows and murals.


Arbuckle Street, Himeville, , 3256

The old residency was built in 1898 and has been used by the presiding magistrate since then. It was declared a national monument in July 1991.

Retief's Pass


In 1837 Piet Retief's party of Voortrekkers braved the Drakensburg in their quest for freedom and a land (Natal) of their own. The original trail carved by their ox wagons is known as Retief's pass.