Ferncliffe Nature Reserve

    Rodney Bartholomew (Contact Person)
    Moira Camp (Contact Person)
    (033) 394 2948 (Telephone)
    (033) 342 7107 (Fax)
    rodney.bartholomew@msunduzi.gov.za (Email)

Physical Address

Cnr Park & Balmoral Drive

Postal Address

P. O. Box 31


Ferncliffe forest is a patch of indigenous mixed mist belt. There is a podocarps forest on the northern boundary of the city. Several trails have been cut through the forest. Vegetation and bird lists are available from parks department. The Ferncliffe Cottage is available as a small interpretative centre for larger groups on request. Picnic facilities are also provided. The Ferncliffe area, near Pietermaritzburg, is a favourite for club, provincial and national championships because of the great single-track riding, but there are also some sedate forest roads. The gradients are not excessive and it is ideal for social riding. The hatcheries park next door is conveniently placed for tea and socialising afterwards. This trail is listed in the Engen Guide to Adventure Travel in Southern Africa. Contact the Pietermaritzburg municipality for information and permits or samba for information.

Getting There

Midlands, Pietermaritzburg. From the city, drive along Boshoff Street into Chatterton Rd. At the circle continue in the same direction along town Bush Rd to the gates of Ferncliffe water works. Take the track on the right of these gates and drive about 2 km to the cottage where cars are parked. Cars may also be parked at the entrance gates.