Zulu Parks & Wildlife Safaris

    Susanne Anderson (Contact Person)
    (033) 330 2269 (Telephone)
    082 894 7875 (Mobile)
    086 600 7177 (Fax)
    susi@africaninsight.co.za (Email)

Physical Address

Thormas House

Postal Address

3 Markert Street


Zulu Parks & Wildlife Safaris is a specialist tour operator that aims to create a tourism based business modelfor community owned wildlife/conservation areas providing a responsible, enriching and educational visitor experience; whilst being economically, environmentally and socially significant, sustainableand integrated with the surrounding community.

Zulu Parks & Wildlife Safaris Insight provides academic field trips to overseas Colleges and University by offering Wildlife Study modules , Youth Development Leaderships and Volunteering programs on the 12000ha community owned Somkhanda Game Reserve, whilst other exciting products are also available. Participants contribute to the global effort for a sustainable future through Wildlife and Wilderness awareness and authentic Cultural immersion.