Dlinza Forest Nature Reserve and Aerial Boardwalk

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Kangela St

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P. O. Box 42


Dlinza is visited by birdwatchers from all over the world hoping to catch a glimpse of rare bird species such as the Spotted Ground Thrush and Eastern Bronze-naped Pigeon. Early morning is the best time to visit when the forest echoes with the calls of Trumpeter Hornbills, Purple-crested Turacos and Narina Trogons, just two of the 65 forest bird species in Dlinza... As the day warms up the distinct chorus of the cicada beetles reverberates through the forest. There are two easily walked forest trails or visitors may drive along Royal Drive through the centre of the forest where there is still a good chance of glimpsing a secretive blue duiker or bushbuck. Numerous tree markers along the trails provide interesting information along the trails and describe Zulu medicinal uses of the various trees. Throughout the year, but especially in autumn, the butterflies are most impressive. As many as 80 species - including the gaudy commodore, mocker swallowtail and the mother of pearl - have been recorded in the 250-hecture indigenous forest.

Getting There

Directions to the Aerial Boardwalk: Oscerbro Street, just past the Eshowe Hospital and High School.