Entumeni Nature Reserve

    uThungulu District Municipality (Contact Person)
    (035) 474 9013 (Telephone)
    (035) 799 2500 (Telephone)
    072 715 2402 (Mobile)
    (035) 474 4935 (Fax)
    tourism@uthungulu.co.za (Email)

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Postal Address

P. O. Box 42


A little-known and as yet undeveloped small forest reserve at an altitude of about 650m. Many magnificent and rare tree species. In parts the undergrowth is dense, with ferns of several species, many ground orchids and shrubs providing good cover for birds. Situated in a sugar cane growing region, it is an important wildlife sanctuary. The 750ha reserve has small buck and rich birdlife including crowned eagle.

Getting There

Central Zululand, Eshowe District, 16 km west of Eshowe on the road to Nkandla.