Ingeli Forest

    Sindi/Charmaine (Contact Person)
    (039) 553 0600 (Telephone) (Email)

Physical Address

N2 Freeway Between Kokstad and harding

Postal Address

Private Bag X502


The 1684 ha forest is one of the largest examples of Mistbelt mixed Podocarpus forest in KwaZulu-Natal. Heavy summer rainfalls and mists may last for several days. Various hardwood trees such as yellowwods, stinkwood, lemonwood and knobwood grow in the forest, ferns, begonias, orchids and streptocarpus are found in the glades and along streams. The Ngele Mountain(228m) is within the forest and its peak is covered in snow in winter. Wild flowers can be seen on its slopes.

Getting There

Ingeli Forest