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King Senzangakhona, Makhosini Valley

Makhosini Valley, 3850

(035) 870 2050

He was the son of Jama, and father of the later kings Shaka, Dingane, and Mpande, by different wives.

King Zulu - Nkosinkulu

Inkosi Zulu was the founder of the Zulu clan. He was born in 1600. He and his family settled on the banks of the White Mfolozi near present- day Ulundi.

Klipfontein Nature Reserve Dam

Klipfontein Dam

(034) 982 2133

The area around the inlet of the Mfolozi River into the dam is being developed as an artificial wetland and bird sanctuary. The existing exotic bluegums and wattles are being removed to allow this area to return to its f...

Kolem Estates (Pty)Ltd

(035) 474 9004

This is a privately owned natural site. It serves as an an unbeatable getaway from everyday stress.

Kruger Bridge

Farms Uitval 195 And Eersteling 690, Paulpietersburg District, 3180

(033) 394 6543

The Kruger Bridge was built during the last presidential term of Paul Kruger. It is on the farms Uitval 195 and Eersteling 690, and spans the Bivane river south of Paulpietersburg.

Kwa Magwaza Mission Station

Kwa Magwaza Rd., Melmoth

(035) 450 2590

The late reverend Robert Robertson established the station, "the place of tall trees", in 1860. Bishop Wilkinson later operated from there. During the Anglo-Zulu war of 1879 the station was destroyed, but soon re-establ...

Kwa Matiwane, Mgungundlovu

Mgungundlovu Museum, Mgungundlovu, 3850

(033) 3946543

Named after the Chief Matiwane, who was executed here, the place is where Dingane had his enemies executed. Piet Retief and his followers were murdered here on 6 February 1838.

Kwa Mondi

Eshowe, 3815

(035) 4741141

This mission station was founded by Bishop Schreuder of the Norwegian mission society in 1860, and named after its first pastor. O.C. Oftebro, whose Zulu name was 'Mondaydi' after his Christian name Ommund. During the A...

Kwa Nkata, Ulundi Area

(035) 870 0812

Kwankata is a cliff on the south bank of the White Umfolozi river which was used by Cetshwayo (and possibly Mpande before him) as a place of execution.

Kwa Nodwengu

Kwa Nodwengu, Ulundi, 3838

(033) 3946543

This was king Mpande's main royal homestead until his death in 1872