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Entumeni Forest

Entumeni, Eshowe, 3815

A coastal scarp forest of 564 ha. Many magnificent and rare trees species. The undergrowth is dense in parts with many ground orchids, several fern species and shrubs.

Entumeni Nature Reserve


A little-known and as yet undeveloped small forest reserve at an altitude of about 650m. Many magnificent and rare tree species. In parts the undergrowth is dense, with ferns of several species, many ground orchids and s...

Entumeni Nature Reserve Trails

Entumeni Nature Reserve, Eshowe

(035) 474 0235

Two trails in an evergreen, mist-belt indigenous forest. The 750ha reserve has small buck and rich birdlife, including crowned eagle.

Enyokeni Royal Palace

One of King Goodwill Zwelitini's palaces.One of his wives, Queen Mamchiza lives here.

Eshowe Bowls Club

Cnr Brockwell &Mangosuthu Street, Eshowe, 3815

Two full size bowling greens, membership, competitions eg eshowe forest tournament.

Eshowe Country Club

Hime Street, Eshowe, , 3815

(035) 473 5000

Private Golf Estate. Membership only. People should phone for more. R150 for 18 Holes.

Eshowe Guesthouse

3 Oftebro Street, Eshowe

(035) 474 2362

4 comfortable suites with own entrance in fully-equipped and serviced guesthouse. Tranquil surrounding near Dlinza Forest Aerial Boardwalk

Eshowe Jail (gaol)

John Ross Highway, Eshowe, 3815

(035) 474 1141

Built in 1900 as a 'second class' central prison, this national monument now houses the Thukela Commando.It was used as a place of refuge during the Bambatha uprising.A large fig tree to the rear was used as a rallying p...

Eshowe Residency

Windham Road, Eshowe, 3815

(035) 4741141

Built in 1894 to house the magistrate, this home was declared a national monument in 1986 the present magistrate and his family live here, along with a ghost named Josephine.

Eshowe Squash Club

Hime Street, Eshowe, 3815